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This week we have been asked to consider the future of media and communications. More specifically, we have been encouraged to question whether the term ‘media and communications’ will still conjure the same meaning in the next five or ten years. In order to answer the latter question, I believe it is first necessary to address the first. In order to do so, I have consulted Craig Kanalley’s Huffington Post article ’10 Predictions for the Future of Media’(2011.) Here, Kanalley reports the findings from the 2011 Future of Media forum, where a panel of media, advertising and marketing leaders gathered to discuss future media innovations. Kanalley has compiled a list of the ten possible technological developments dreamed up by the panel. They are as follows:

1. MEDIA WILL BE WEARABLE- The forum revealed that in the future, wearable devices will move beyond the already available wristbands for IPods.

Perhaps taking ‘wearable media’ a little too far?

2. TV WILL BE DOWNLOADED- It was predicted that downloading television programs and watching them in real-time with your friends in different locations will become a mainstream practice. Companies including Hulu, Megavideo and Netflix have already started pioneering this trend.

3. RADIO WILL EVOLVE- The panel agreed that the future of radio is quite ambiguous, but Clear Channel Media CEO Bob Pittman suggested that radio may become an entirely online medium in the next 5 to 10 years.

4. YOU’LL TALK TO ADS- The voice recognition feature of the iPhone 4S may foreshadow the future of advertisements. The panel believed that you will be able to talk to advertisements and get a response.

5. CONVINIENCE > QUALITY-Pittman speculated that the quality of media may be sacrificed in order to give consumers exactly what they want, and quickly.

6. ROLE OF DATA GROWS- David Verklin from VS Ventures predicted that data will rise if significance in the future, and become “the new creative.”

7. ADS WILL TARGET NETWORKS- The panel considered that advertisers may concern themselves with the networks their consumers belong to, rather than just the individuals themselves.

8. USER EXPERIENCE #1- Pittman voiced that there is likely to be a shift in focus from the interface of the media device to the way the user experiences it.

9. ALL DEVICES WILL INTERACT- Another prediction from the forum was that in the future all devices will be interconnected

Will devices talk to eachother in the near future? Only time will tell!

10. IT WILL BE DIFFERENT- Seems to be stating the obvious, but the key point here is that there have been so many technological developments over the last few decades due to the emergence of the internet. Chances are, this will continue to occur (and on an even larger scale) in the next five to ten years.

I agree with each of the forum’s speculations about the future of media and communications, and believe that we will witness even more radical technological developments than those listed here. As for the second question, ‘ will media and communications still conjure the same meaning in the next 5 or 10 years?’- yes, it is likely that the essence of these terms will remain the same in the near future. However, I feel that as we are futher exposed to weird and wonderful media innovations, these terms will become more far-reaching.

This weeks’ reading has contributed to the development of my final research project by encouraging me to think about the future. As a result, I have considered how the self-tracking practice will change and develop in the next 5 to 10 years. I feel that as time goes on more and more online calorie and fitness trackers will emerge, not necessarily in the same format they are available in now.

Reference list

Kanalley, C (2011) 10 Predictions For The Future Of Media, The Huffington Post <>


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